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What do I do if I didn't complete all of my public service?

Greeley, CO |

I had 90 days to complete 46 hours of useful public service. I couldn't complete all of them due to the lack of transportation, my child, and job hunting. What do I do, court is in two days? Can I ask for an extension? Please help..

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    Go to court to tell the judge what happened and request some additional time. Most judges will agree to one extension. Do not blow off court just because you havent done what was required, as that is worse than showing up and politely asking for more time.

  2. Greeley:

    You can go t court and ask for an extension. When I was a deputy district attorney in Greeley the judges typically allowed you one extension. Make sure you get the hours done ASAP. You will not likely get another extension. The Leier Law Office can help if you want an attorney to appear with you to help you get the extension. Kent Leier was a deputy district attorney in Greeley at the same time I was so he knows the judges well.


  3. As a former Distict Attorney in Greeley, I can tell you from experience that the DA's and the judges are very reluctant to grant continuances for failing to do useful public service. You may get sanctioned with more hours or a complaint to revoke your probation may be filed.

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