What do I do if ex husband hasn't transferred vehicle title?

I was divoreced in October. Among other things my ex got the truck and a trailer. They were both in my name. The truck has been transferred but the trailer is still in my name with my plates. He is now in county jail for at least till september and possibly longer when 2nd trial takes place for felony burglary against me. The trailer is still in my name and in storage with family who hate me for sending their precious son to jail. What can I do to rectify this situation. I am more than happy to take it back but not crying over it and don't want it being used in my name by untold number of friend and family borrowers. What's the most legal way to handle this situation an with least amount of drama?

Wooster, OH -

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C L Huddleston III

C L Huddleston III

Business Attorney - Columbus, OH

If he was supposed to get the trailer, why haven't you signed it over? Contact your divorce attorney and tell him or her you need to get the trailer out of your name. You may want to keep the trailer in order to recover some of what he stole from you, but the potential liability of having this trailer in the possession of his (apparently irresponsible) family is not worth the risk.

That is just my opinion based on the facts you describe. Your divorce lawyer can help you with more precise information.

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