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What do I do if a company goes out of business without fulfilling their agreement?

Marysville, OH |

I purchased an extended warranty from a company and when I called to file a claim I was informed that they are no longer in business. Is there anything I can do to recoupe my investment? What are my options or do I even have any since they are no longer in business?

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Depends on what "no longer in business" means - did they merge with or sell to another company who assumed their obligations, including their warranty? If so, then that new buyer should be able to help you.

Did they file for bankruptcy? If so, then it's very unlikely that any successor would assume these obligations.

Check the warranty to see which state's law applies to the corporation and its warranty, then check the Scretary of State records to see thae status of the company. Or call the company back, since they apparently still have someome answering the phones, and get more information about any successors to the company.

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Thank you for the quick response. I actually found out they were out of business by looking them up under the BBB. I found that there were 66 complaints filed within the last year and according to the BBB the company went out of business.

Pamela Koslyn

Pamela Koslyn


Again, "out of business" doesn't say anything about the things I mentioned in my response. Note the BBB is a private trade group with no authority to do anything, and I'm not sure their information is reliable. A lot of complaints may or may not mean something. Use a better source for your information about this company like the Secretary of State, and/or PACER for federal court records including bankruptcy.


At the very least, please call the Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Section and make a complaint. The Ohio AG has attorneys and investigators dedicated to holding companies responsible under the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act. Occasionally the Ohio AG's Office will file suit against a company on behalf of consumers and will seek to recover a consumer's damages.

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I agree with Attorney Koslyn. A lot will depend on what "out of business" means. If the company has filed for bankruptcy protection, you are going to have a tough time of it.

You can check the Ohio corporate records, here, to see what they have on the business, if it was in fact a corporation:

Depending on the circumstances, you *might* be able to file an action against the owners of the business or the officers and directors, if it was a corporation.

James Frederick

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