What do I do from here? Wrongful termination for whistleblowing to state agency. (documented)

1 verbally warned management about not receiving breaks. 2. note on 11/3/13 to manager about not getting breaks. 3. immediately was falsely accused, written up and suspended on 11/15/13 4. was persistent about not getting breaks. 5. 1/21/13 formal complaint to labor commissioner. 6, company received notice on 1/29/13. 7. 1/29/13 reprimanded 8. 1/30/13 written up for misconduct falsely accused again 9. still no breaks and still persistent about it 10. 4/4/13 filed another formal complaint to labor commissioner and this time to Human Resources of company. 11. 4/25/13 HR talked to manager 12. 4/29/13 sent home without pay for complaining about not getting a break another complaint filed 13. 5/7/13 Informed by manager, company putting cameras in building. 14 5/8/13 terminated (misconduct)

Fallon, NV -

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Bruce Kent Snyder

Bruce Kent Snyder

Employment / Labor Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

It is against the law for an employer to retaliate against an employee who either asserts his/her lawful rights in the workplace and/or files a complaint with the appropriate federal or state agency. It appears that this might be the case with you.

These cases are complex and thus I would strongly state that you should see an attorney.

Richard Edmund Hawkins

Richard Edmund Hawkins

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

Offhand, I would be surprised to see an attorney take this on a contingency fee. TO go forward, you will need documentation, particularly *documenting* that you were "falsely accused."

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