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What do I do and say at my 14 year olds detention hearing to insure they will be released to me?

Conroe, TX |

They were questioned and forced to write a statement my child asked for me was told no we were not contacted about anything until after he was being transported to the isd police department and was told that we could not go there we went to the conroe jdc and waited for his arrival was not allowed to see him or talk to him until Sunday was not present or allowed to be for any questioning this took place on Friday afternoon he has a detention hearing Monday morning attorney's office are not open on weekends,so no time to employ one he has been in trouble before for lewdency was given a supervision term completed it and was charged with a mischief charge and was only fined I want my son home with me what do I do and need to know about this hearing please help

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You really need to get a lawyer. Each case and judge are different.

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I hope the detention hearing went well, and your son is home with you. You certainly are going to want to talk to attorneys about your son's case.

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You will definately need to hire an attorney to defend your son in court.

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