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What difference in Petty theft PEN CODE 484 and 490

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a friend of mine was caught and got a police citation with the PC 484/100.
What is lighter for the charge? is PC 490 a smaller petty theft compared to 484. In other words, is PC 484 a worse one? Thanks.

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Well, 484 is petty theft. 490 is the punishment description. You may be thinking of PC 490.5

490.5. (a) Upon a first conviction for petty theft involving
merchandise taken from a merchant's premises or a book or other
library materials taken from a library facility, a person shall be
punished by a mandatory fine of not less than fifty dollars ($50) and
not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each such violation;
and may also be punished by imprisonment in the county jail, not
exceeding six months, or both such fine and imprisonment.


The statutes refer to amount taken . 490 is less than $50; 484i is greater than 950.

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Your friend needs an attorney as soon as possible. Theft can have serious employment and immigration consequences. Most attorneys, like myself, offer a free initial consultation. Good luck.

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