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What defenses can I use for being charged with "forgery by passing" in the state of Texas?

Killeen, TX |

I unknowingly handed a store clerk a stolen/forged check that was handed to me by my "friend", to pay for her things. I did not know she was passing forged checks around, I am only guilty of being with her when she did this. I explained everything to the detective in charge of the case, hoping my innocence would be proven and this whole thing dropped, but it looks like now I will have to be appointed an attorney. I lost my job over this and have no money to hire one on my own. What should I do? This "so-called friend" did not show for her court appearance, but the last I spoke to her, (after my arrest) she said she was willing to tell the investigators/court that I had nothing to do with this crime and did not know anything about what she was doing.

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First stop making incriminating statements online or to anyone else. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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You've stated your only defense: lack of knowledge. If the store has the occurrence on tape, you have some proof of that. Get the tape now if it isn't too late.

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You need a lawyer representing you. No matter what you say, the prosecution will not simply accept your word - this should be obvious since the cop did not accept your word. You need someone advocating on your behalf.

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