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What damages can I recover after body shop cut hoses on my transmission and ruined it after the hoses came off and fluid leaked.

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What damages can I recover from a Auto Body shop that worked on my 2011 Nissan Armada. I wrecked my vehicle and brought it to a body shop that repaired it along with replacing the radiator. When the transmission cooler hoses were taken off the radiator they cut them to remove them. When the new radiator was installed they used the same hosesbut put an after market clamp to secure it. After a week the hoses came off and while driving and the transmission ran empty and destroyed it. The auto body shop was informed and initially denied the responsibility but later admitted to purchase another transmission. They wanted a second opinion then after it could not be determined how long a car could run before the hoses could come off he decided he was not going to pay for another transmission. I fi

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I reccomend you get your own expert mechanic to look at the car and all the parts involved to determine what happened and who is responsible. Also, take a look at your contract with the body shop. Did they warrant the work they performed? Did they agree to use new OEM parts or after market parts (i.e. the after market clamps)? f your mechanic determines the hoses came off because of faulty after market clamps or any other defective work performed by the body shop, then the body shop should pay to replace the transmission. The terms of your agreement with the body shop could be controlling, so I recommend you carefully read those terms before taking any further action.

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