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What court can I sue for defamation of character and malicious prosecution in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas?

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I'm suing a former co-worker for defaming me to my previous employer who fired me from her lying to them and filing false charges on me trying to get me fired. I'm not getting a lawyer on this one because the courts have OUTSTANDING evidence against her on record. I just need to know the steps to get her served papers as soon as possible. Thanks to anyone who responds. :)

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    As I understand your fact summary, you have been fired from your employment and you want to hold a co-worker responsible because you contend that the co-worker caused your termination by lying to your employer about you. If that is the case, it is likely well past the point where a cease and demand letter makes any sense at all. But there are a number of legal obstacles to your intentions and you would do well to consult with a local attorney, even if on a limited Q and A basis, to discuss such issues as the "common interest" privilege, at will employment, and problems of proof re causation. If the evidence is so well documented an unassailable as you say, have you made a request of your former employer for reinstatement or rehire?

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  2. Maybe you should start with having a lawyer write a cease and desist layer first. Defamation suits are very costly and hard to win. What are your chances of getting a judgement against this person and them having the assets to pay the judgement. Probably cery low unless se or he has a lot of money.

  3. A lawyer can write a cease and desist letter.

  4. I agree with my colleagues in that a Cease and Desist letter sounds like a good first option.

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