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What could happen?

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me and my friend were driving very slowly in the parking structure and we were trying to find a place to park then at the intersection we stop and slowly make a left turn but there was a motorcycle coming straigh but my friend didnt see and he slowly make a left and my friend feel like he hit something a little and when he turned around he saw the motorcyle and the driver on his side, and the mortocycle seem like he wasnt hurt or anything and he cussed at us and drove away, my friend sure that he just hit the motorcylce just a little because he turned very slowly and the driver cussed at us and drove away... what could happen?

we dont think the driver was hurt because we both stop at the same time and we just hit the motorcycle a little, and we didnt hit and run, the motorcycle just dodge and cuss at us and drive away,, but i think we are at fault since we are the one turning left

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  1. Hit and run is very serious

    Camera surveillance in the parking deck could be possible

    Unknown without more facts

  2. Generally if you are pulling into a parking space and another car is coming toward you headed straight, you have the duty to wait for that person to pass, as they have the right of way. Additionally it sounds like the motorcycle passed and then your friend turned and clipped the bike. That would more certainly be your friend's fault. But since the motorcycle left, it doesn't appear as though there is a problem. At best its an infraction.

    This is general advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

  3. Since you put this in criminal you are asking criminal and not civil implications.

    A reviewing prosecuting attorney will first only look at the case if police submit a report. Then they will look to see if you left the scene, drove recklessly, etc.

    If you do get charged contact an attorney to represent you.

  4. If he just drove away without any exchange of information - probably nothing is going to happen. If it turns out that he sustained injuries, he could possibly obtain your information through the parking garage cameras, make a report to the police, etc... In that case turn the matter over to your insurance.

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