What constitutes documentary evidence and what is usable in defense of a case?

If in a prior case between the same parties for different claims, you have acquired sworn depositions of party and non party witnesses in the earlier case that you believe are an affirmative defense in the current case; would these EBT statements of party and non party witnesses be admissable. Likewise if there are writings that are from years earlier that you believe would provide a defense, does the age of the documents make any difference as to admissability? In the current case being a claim of defamation, but you have EBT and older documents from the original case that prove what was being said was true, would those papers be allowed to be used in the current case?

Albany, NY -

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Eric Edward Rothstein

Eric Edward Rothstein

Criminal Defense Attorney - New York, NY

Depositions are sworn statements so they should be admissible if relavent or to impeach a witness. The age of the document does not matter.

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Paul Karl Siepmann

Paul Karl Siepmann

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - Patchogue, NY

As long as you can provide a foundation for the documents in question, they should be admissible.

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