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What constitutes contempt so that someone may file a motion to show cause on you? is it for not answering letter in writing

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can I be brought in contempt for not answering a request in writing? do I have to legally answer all requests from spouse now we are in divorce process? it is not a request for discovery, its other issues. can I ignore his frivelous relentless requests? do I have to answer? do I have to answer in writing? can a phone call be enough legally between attorneys? if I have to answer do I have to go through attorney? can I send response to his? there is a TRO against him so he can't directly call and harrass asking for frivelous stuff so he does it through legal system? he threatens to file motion to show cause if he doesnt get what he wants even though his requests are not reasonable or can be done because some of them dont make sense or just crazy and not compliable which is why he makes them.

he makes lots of frivelous requests that can not actually be done or that benfit him at a disadvantage to me financially. do I have to keep answering him? is there a way to stop these? its making my legal bill huge? which is also part of the point because I have limited funds. what is my recourse? he's filed one motion to show cause on false statement to court. can anyone just file a motion to show cause without good reason and then the other party has to go to court?

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  1. An attormeynwill need to review your court order to tell you if you are in violation. Mi am sorry your are going through this. If it is frivolous and the requests have no basis but to harass or annoy he may be in violation of your restraining order. Again an Attormey will want to see the orders as well as the communications.

    Good luck to you.

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  2. This may help you understand whether your actions constitute contempt: Read section 2 for the definition.

    You have a lot of questions, which makes it a bit difficult in this type of setting to provide you the information you're looking for. Sounds like you do have an attorney. Many of these questions would probably be better answered by him or her.

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