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What class misdemeanor is reckless driving in the State of Texas?

Austin, TX |

I'm renewing my notary and one of the questions asks if I have ever been convicted of a crime "other than a class C misdemeanor." Many, many years ago, I was convicted of reckless driving, but I don't remember what class misdemeanor reckless driving in Texas is.

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Usually reckless driving in Texas is not a class C misdemeanor, but you need to provide more details of your case. When was the conviction? Were you actually convicted or did you possibly receive deferred adjudication probation. If you are not sure, you should call the Travis County Clerk's office with your name and DOB and ask them to do a search through their records. They should be able to tell you exactly what the level of case was as well as the actual outcome.


You will want to ask that question with what year you were convicted, but the current Transportation Code 545.401 merely labels Reckless Driving as a misdemeanor with a potential punishment of up to $200 fine and/or up to 30 days in jail.


I agree with the above answer. Typically, in Texas misdemeanor cases are divided into Class A, Class B and Class C categories. Reckless driving in Texas is considered a "hybrid" and it is not currently considered a Class C misdemeanor. However, you also need to find out if you've really been convicted. Many times, people are placed on Deferred Adjudication and the case is dismissed, allowing them to answer "no" to these type questions. If you would like a simple phone call would allow us to determine how to answer this question accurately. Take care, and good luck.

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