What child support enforcement actions can i take on my own?

Over $55,000 owed in child support. Over $4,000 owed in medical reimbursements. Not paid the court ordered health ins for children since 2008. CSE been on case since 2009. Three contempts done by me w/atty -one criminal. Found guilty in all. Doesn't do what court order states after contempts. CSE susp license (is now on probation-still drives and previously got a business license), Passport denial (he's currently in Mexico vacationing), tax intercept (doesn't file) IDO (works for self). CSE won't touch bank acct-puts everything in business name-can prove he owns business-has given token pymnts to me through this acct. Can I put lien on property-his house is currently for sale. CSE isn't doing after several requests. He filed foreclosure, CSE didn't answer the motion from the bank

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Mark Scott Rubin

Mark Scott Rubin

Child Support Lawyer - Fort Walton Beach, FL

the problem is probably the priority of the liens. The mortgage company most probably has a superior lien to your child support arrearages. It sounds like CSE is doing what they can, although with three contempts (one criminal) and still $55,000+ arrears it doesn't sound like the purges were very high. If he is vacationing in Mexico (with a suspended passport?), it sounds like you need to hire a private family law attorney to possibly take over for the DOR. I do not recommend your trying this on your own based on the facts you gave. Realize though that you are going to have a rather large retainer to pay to hire a private attorney for the issues described so that is something to consider as well.

Family law rules differ significantly in every state, especially procedural rules. Always seek the advice of an... more
John Arthur Smitten

John Arthur Smitten

Family Law Attorney - Clearwater, FL

CSE does a pretty good job but they are swamped. You can get your own attorney who can work with CSE on the same case.

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