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What charges could i get if i take in my 17 year old niece in who is a ward of the state and she ran away from a facility

Olney, IL |

she got in a very dangerous situation and called me and i went to get her she has no active parents

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  1. Harboring a fugitive refers to the crime of knowingly hiding a wanted criminal from the authorities. Federal and state laws, which vary by state, govern the crime of harboring a fugitive

  2. You could be in serious trouble if you harbor a runaway. If your niece ran away because of a dangerous situation, then call the police and report her presence as well as the situation. She should not be return to that situation but the state needs to know where she is. Perhaps you could seek her guardianship. "No active parents" is a vague term. Have the parents' rights been terminated? Many facts are missing. A critical fact is the reason your niece is a ward of the state.

  3. Harboring a Fugitive.

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