What case does he have? (pertaining to cyber bullying)

This troll nut case who is always talking crap about my sister is trying to subpoena me because i apparently "threatened" him. Well basically I just got fed up with his crap . My family and his family don't have a great history or whatever. . . anyways i went on a rant to him in a long message. In the message i said things like like f*ck you , f*ck your whole family called him trash, a piece of sh*t and then told to him to play in traffic and take his family with him. His friend told him he can report me to authorities so now the troll claims he's is going to subpoena me to court because basically i told him to kill himself and his whole family. He's taking that as a threat. (just to find some way to get me in trouble) ( the guy is 20 and i am 18 so i have no idea if he's joking around abo

Tunica, MS -

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Kendra L. A. Stephen

Kendra L. A. Stephen

Internet Lawyer - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I agree, you aren't doing yourself any favors by responding to him. Leave him alone and stop giving him what he wants.

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Andrew Mark Jaffe

Andrew Mark Jaffe

Internet Lawyer - Akron, OH

I always counsel my clients not to interact with Internet trolls. It just adds fuel to the fire.

I doubt the police would want to become involved in this petty bickering, absent a threat of physical bodily harm that could be considered seriously - which I doubt this is.

The Troll could sue you for your comments, but I doubt he will want to put any money up front with a lawyer - so I doubt he will go this route.

Finally, as I said up top -- Don't interact with the Trolls - it only gives them more ways to attack you.

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