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What can you do when you over and over hear more bad things about a lawyer in your town and you know it's all true?

Boulder, CO |

There is a divorce lawyer in our town who tries to bleed every client out of money. He files motion after motion and tells his clients to "go after the last cent" of the ex.
Turns out that he lets all clients fall like hot potatoes when he realizes there is no more money for himself to earn.
He then tells his staff to "get rid of the client" with and tells his whole staff to suggest the client that he/she absolutely should settle or risk loose everything.

What can I do to help prevent future destroyed families?

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"Word of mouth" is as powerful for a bad recommendation as it is for a good one. Be sure that what you say is the truth, or presented as your opinion.

Best wishes for an outcome you can accept, and please remember to designate a best answer.

This answer is offered as a public service for general information only and may not be relied upon as legal advice.



Unfortunately for a lot of people in our community, I am not the only one with the opinion I raised. Thanks for your answer.


Attorneys have an obligation to provide guidance and common sense direction for the clients. Clients need to develop their goals and express them clearly to their attorney. An attorney who takes advantage of a client during a time of high stress usually develops that reputation. Unfortunately, there are some clients who believe that they must play hardball, rather than collaboratively solve the problems of the family that is reorganizing and/or divorcing. My belief is that a lawyer needs to give his clients options for handling the case, guidance as to how to get through the difficult time, and referrals for the adjustment and emotional problems that often accompany a family law case. To do otherwise is irresponsible. If both parties are willing, a collaborative law process is extremely helpful in that this process allows the parties to seek the mutually best outcomes for themselves and their children.



Thank you. Very well written. I can clearly see that you are an excellent lawyer.


As far as any specific attorney is concerned, the attorney should serve his/her clients honorably, which will best protect his/her reputation in the community. Having said that, a litigated divorce can be more traumatic and costly than people initially realize. The battle is played out in public and decision-making has been delegated to a stranger, i.e., the court. The financial strain of litigating can be exceptional. In people who are willing to consider compromise, I recommend the collaborative divorce process. Collaborative divorce is a private process wherein a final agreement is filed with the court when all issues have been resolved. Collaborative divorce lawyers are specially trained in this model, employing conflict resolution skills. Each party retains their own attorney and supplemental experts are retained as needed to help the parties arrive at a resolution. The goal of the process is that emotions and funds are spared, and families themselves retain control over the outcome.



Thank you. I completely agree with you. This particular attorney wholeheartedly would disagree though. (Sorry, wrong word, he has no heart.) This attorney truly believes in nothing but a full wallet. His. Wish he could learn from you.

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