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What can you do if a police officer comes to your door and says you did this ?

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    As mentioned above, there is nothing you can say to the officer to improve your situation. Say nothing and close the door.

  2. Do not talk to the policeman. If your are arrested ask for your lawyer to be present. Do not talk. You can't talk your way out of anything.

  3. I agree with the previous answer and you can talk your way into trouble , but it is a lawyer's job to talk your way out. If you try no good will come from it, obstruction of justice, false statements to law enforcement ,and perjury come to mind.
    Do not speak with the police and it sounds as if they were trying to get an admission of guilt from you. If they had the admission or proof you would have been arrested already , there is no use in giving them the rope to hang you. Get a lawyer to help you.
    Good Luck

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