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What can we do to accelerate a challenged eviction? Broward Florida

Hollywood, FL |

We ask them to leave, but they didn’t want, we placed an eviction process, but they challenged; the court send us a conciliation which says that the reunion will be in 60 days and so on, and if the mediation does not turn in a settlement there will be court trial.
We are having a hard time trying to avoid contact with them because they are very mean, racist (WE HAVE TEXT MESSAGES AS A PROOF) and we infer aggressive. We are afraid that anytime could spark a verbal o physical confrontation. So we are trusting in a fast and effective resolution by the court. We cannot delay this situation per months and months... also they stop to pay the rent, they are not working so they are 24/7 using electricity etc… what can we do to accelerate everything. We rented a room with private bathroom in house

We have a room with private bathroom and small kitchenette, we rented to a one person; the contract is month to month, and the room is for only one person, no pets; but he brought his girlfriend, brother in law and 2 dogs. We sent them several warning but they answer, text messages, using insults, racial and ethnic offences. Like “Spanish people bitch”, “dumb Spanish asholes” , “You assholes”, “you guys have no fucking life”, “ get the fuck out of here you lame ass people”. “Spanish spics” etc

Attorney Answers 3

  1. I am assuming you filed a lawsuit for eviction. Under Florida law, you are entitled to an expedited process it they aren't paying rent, though (to be candid) judges are so overworked nowadays that getting a hearing on the "expedited calendar" takes some doing, and, for better or worse, having an attorney can help secure a sooner hearing date. If your tenant hasn't paid rent to you or the Court Registry, the process shouldn't take more than a few weeks for a good lawyer. Needless to say, you should consult an experienced real estate litigation attorney.

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  2. You can call to speak with a civil clerk in the eviction department at the Broward County Courthouse. You can hire an attorney for representation.

    60 days is too long to go on as you are. Good luck!

  3. Depending on the cuircumstances of your case, the tenant is required to pay the alleged rent into the court resgistry (and you can file a motion to get it), even in circumstancees where the court orders a mediation. An attroney may be able to expedite the case.