What can we do about a noise-intolerant neighbor?

My boyfriend and I live in a 3rd floor apartment with our 20 lb dog (a beagle). A few surrounding neighbors complained about her barking and our downstairs neighbor complained about some heavy stomping in our apartment. We addressed these concerns immediately by buying a bark collar, going to dog training class & walking lightly in our unit, & spoke with our landlord immediately & apologized & told them we'd do whatever it took to remediate the situation. Since then we have had no further complaints from our surrounding neighbors, but the downstairs neighbor will still pound on her ceiling occasionally if our dog has some pent up energy & runs around for a minute or two. We are never loud, especially after 10 pm. Can we be threatened with eviction because of our noise-intolerant neighbor?

Fargo, ND -

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Alan Baker

Alan Baker

General Practice Lawyer - Fargo, ND

These can be very difficult situations, my daughter went through something very similar with a downstairs neighbor. You can only be evicted if you violate your lease. Review your lease to see what it says about noise. You can also check with your landlord to see if downstairs neighbor is complaining or if she just likes to bang on your ceiling. Try to use your best people skills with he neighbor. Talk to her about her complaints and try to work out solution.

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