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What can i sue for if i fell on ice at a gas station? They are paying for medical bills but nothing else.

Winona, MN |

I haven't worked in 3 months, had to have shoulder surgery and am going to lose my job but I can only miss 3 months of work for medical reasons.

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    A lot more than the medical bills if they were negligent. Call a personal injury attorney ASAP to investigate as it appears you have a claim.

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  2. A local personal injury lawyer can investigate a claim against the gas station, and anyone else potentially responsible.

  3. Based on the limited information, its unclear. Depending on the details regarding liability, you may be entitled to pain and suffering as well as lost wages. Seek a local personal injury attorney to help aid you. Good luck.

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  4. If its a negligent buildup of ice, you're entitled to much more than bills. If you have pictures, even better! Just make sure you contact a local attorney to protect your interests!

  5. In Minnesota you can sue for all out-of-pocket expenses that you incurred, damage or permanent disability to your body, and pain and suffering. Since ice is a common condition in Minnesota, you would need to show that they knew of the dangerous condition established by the ice and did nothing to remove it or at least that they acted negligently in not removing the ice. In Minnesota a slip and fall case on ice may be difficult but you should speak to an attorney who can investigate the case because it may be winnable. You may contact me, if you would like to discuss this matter.

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