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What can i get out of a hit and run charge? If property damage was paid for and it was a car accident.

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i was involved in a car accident, struck a electric pole, damge was.moderate. I fled the.scence without thinking about the damge to the pole. Ended up at my friends house a cuple blocks insurance covered the damages dobe to the pole. I was cited that night for Hit and Run. Next day the.officer recalled the citation, but it was still process. I wasnt given a notice to appear , and a.warrant was brought for me. I have.gotten that warrant cleared. And now await trial for that citation. I dont believe its not fair im.being charged for such charges if it was nonetheless an accident. No one was hurt and the property damage has been covered.

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When there is an injury or a certain amount of property damage, you are supposed to report the accident, leave your info etc. Failure to do so can be hit and run, even if the accident was not your fault. Hit and run is a criminal offense. it is good you had ins to pay the damage to the victim. Paying the damage, doesnt neccessarily make the criminal charge go away. You should consult with a criminal defense atty, or the public defender if youre eligible.

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You're facing misdemeanor charges that can put 2 points on your driving history, not to mention probation, possible jail time, community service and probation.

I can only assume you have an attorney representing you - if not, it's time to consult one ASAP. There may be ways to resolve this case short of a trial and without a conviction, but it depends on all the facts.

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