What can I expect to happen if I collected unemployment while working at a W2 job.. I closed my claim with unemployment when I found out that you cannot collect it while at a 100% commission job.. I thought that you could since there is no salary and thought that I was going to be 1099 from my employer but, once I found out this is not the case I closed the unemployment claim. I really did not make much in the way of commission and collected the unemployment for 20 weeks. I was wondering if they will catch this when I do my taxes for the year. I would like to call the unemployment office and tell them but, I did answer the question no I did not work when filing my bi-weekly claim. I am petrified of being arrested and if possible just want to give the money back. I have been told by a few co-workers that did the same thing that the worst that will happen is they wil make me pay it back but, in researching on the internet it seems as though there are misdemeaner charges associated with this. Again, I would call the UE office to tell them and ask to go on a plan to pay it back as quickly as possible but, I am afraid that would be turning myself in and the cops will be at my door the next day.