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What can I expect in terms of lost job opportunities now that I have a Class A DWI offense?

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I was recently convicted of a class A DWI on probation for 15 months and then arrested for traffic violations such as expired registration and inspection and driving while license was suspended and no insurance all of which are now current.
I'm currently in the IT technical field and now that I have a class A misdemeanor criminal record what can I expect in terms of any type of lost opportunities, career growth and am I obligated to let all potential employers know of this issue before entering into any contractual or permanent job opportunities?

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    What to expect will vary from one employer to another. I don't think your career is over by any means. In my experience, everyone knows someone who's had a DWI (if they haven't had one themselves). You definitely should be honest about the case if asked on a job application. It will show up on a background search, and employers typically are much more concerned about deceit than DWIs.

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  2. You will need to disclose this, because if you don't and they find it with background check [almost certain in any good job] then they certainly won't hire you. I strongly suggest that you find useful rehab, plus AA, and do some, with careful documentation, so you have something to show. A Class A indicates a serious alcohol abuse that should worry an employer, but you can handle some of that concern by showing a strong effort to handle your alcohol issues, so you can contribute to their needs.

  3. The answer to your question is: 'It Depends'! It will depend upon your employer and their requirements. Advancement, or other companies, will depend as well. You will need to answer questions honestly on applications and interviews. Honesty always pays off, if not only in the long run. DWI is not a character flaw as anyone who drinks can be arrested for it. Any stop with alcohol on your breath will land you in jail. The more time from your conviction will help in the future.

  4. You certainly should disclose it if asked. Many times these criminal history questions are an exercise in honest disclosure. However, I don't think I would just volunteer that you have a DWI conviction if not asked.

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