What can I expect from this reckless driving charge?

Asked almost 3 years ago - Virginia Beach, VA

I was given a summons for reckless driving generally and improper u-turn in Norfolk,VA. The light was red for at least 7 minutes, because it hadn''t changed by the time I pulled out of Taco Bell. I decided to turn my signal on and turn right, since there was no line distinguishing the two lanes. As I did so, a car with two girls sped up to the light. I turned after they turned and then got into the left lane to make a u-turn. I signaled to turn into the left lane. There was no sign saying no u-turns were allowed, but yet the officer said I made an improper u-turn. I saw that the punishment for this charge can be up to $2,500 with jailtime and/or a suspended license. What should I do do? Would enrolling in a drivers improvement class before the court date lower the charge?

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  1. Luke Joseph Nichols


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    Answered . You should consult with a local reckless driving attorney immediately. Each jurisdiction has its own way of handling common charges like reckless driving. Depending on that jurisdictions programs and customs you made need to take a specific driving improvement class at a specific time. To learn more about the different driving classes that are available and to learn more about Virginia traffic court go to http://virginiatrafficcourt.com.

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  2. Stephen Patrick Pfeiffer


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    Answered . As you have learned, Reckless Driving is a Class 1 Misdemeanor and a serious offense. You should definitely consult an attorney. Additionally, taking a driving course will not hurt the outcome. If you need assistance please call me at 7575540258.

  3. Stephen Patrick Pfeiffer


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    Answered . I agree with Mr. Nichols and I am a local attorney who can help.
    Please call me for assistance.


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  4. John Gerth Merna


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    Answered . You need to get assistance. The effect of a reckless driving charge on your record even if the maximum penalty is not given can be significant. Contact a local attorney to assist you. Avoiding the negative effect on your insurance premiums will warrant the investment.

    John G. Merna, Esq.
    The Merna Law Group.
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