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What can I expect from a Vocational training voucher and how will it balance earnings loss? Pre Arnold Injury.

Solvang, CA |

Possible case settlement coming my way

The loss of arm and hands and ability to sit for more than twenty minutes don't matter. The risk manager and attorney think I could work as a Walmart Greeter to supplement social security disability. Vocational Rehab has been pitched my way to get me on my feet. It's my arm, hands and back that need the help!

Senior software engineer, tier 1 firm, flex -work, Crypto consult side work of $100 per hour. main job option package with as much OT as I wanted, job had no problem with side work.

Savings has taken a hit, I am being offered Vocational retraining after so many years and wonder what they can offer to make me whole again? What if settlement does not account for loss wages? Do Second Opinion Settlement lawyers exist for hire

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    "What Can they Offer to Make Me Whole Again?" NOTHING. nothing is going to put you back to where you were, at $100/hour. The California Labor Code has no provision to make you 'whole again' (or i'd be a very, very rich woman!!).

    SETTLEMENT DOES NOT ACCOUNT for lost wages. Applicant's Attorneys kept trying those cases and the Court of Appeal said no. People who made a handsome living prior to the injury are just wiped out... your State Senators and Assemblymen decided that was just fine with them and everyone just keeps re-electing these worthless jerks.

    The best advice I have is to insist your attorney use a vocational expert and attempt to prove 100% permanent disability. All that gets you is your TTD payment for life. Likely a lot less than you earned before this injury.

    But your elected officials were trying to keep "employers' and "labor" happy, with zero concern for their voters, and this is the scheme they approved.

  2. Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher (SJDV) is worth between $4,000 - $10,000 depending on your % of disability. You can use the voucher at any CA certified school for schooling. Not all schools are certified and not all schools take the SJDV.

    There are some very specific strategies for maximizing the value of what you get for the voucher. If you give me a call, I'd be happy to explain them to you. Too detailed to go into in this forum.

  3. You can use that voucher for educational purposes (classes, computer for class, etc...). There are services that you can contact and they administer everything for you for a % of voucher. Good Luck!

  4. The VR Voucher does either pay toward training or reimburse you for training expense that you have already incurred. What the Voucher does NOT do is give you a source of Income while you attempt to learn another skill. Permanent Disability is capped at 230 per week unless you have a SERIOUS injury, so that makes Academic Study a little tight with ongoing living expenses. Sometimes Social Security has retraining resources, but WC is no longer very helpful in that area.

    We offer general concepts, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.

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