What can I expect during a motion hearing?

My ex is behind in child support and rather than pay up he hired an attorney and is trying to modify child support and time-sharing. Our current order states that he can get our son every other weekend and every other holiday. He is now asking for majority time sharing. I filed my answer and counter petition along with a motion for civil contempt for the back child support. I understand that my motion can be heard at a hearing and the other issue has to go to mediation first. I am considering asking for a motion hearing before mediation is scheduled. Is this a good idea and what should I expect during the motion hearing?

Tampa, FL -

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John Arthur Smitten

John Arthur Smitten

Family Law Attorney - Clearwater, FL

Enforcement issues can always be set for hearing. If he has a lawyer then you should get one too. Contact my office for free consultation.

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