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What can I expect? Being forced to blow the whistle.

Bonita Springs, FL |

Work in a medical billing department for a large hospital system. Been given directives via email by supervisors to participate in unethical behaviors that would impact Medicare reimbursement that violate industry standards and guidelines. Have considered corporate compliance officer, but I know this will be traced back to me as I have already voiced my concern to managers that they are suggesting that I not follow the rules. I have been warned about my behavior, and fear that they will find a way to terminate me. This is a big health care system, they are all about $$$, they will squash me. Any suggestions? Should I just go directly to OIG?

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Go consult with an employment attorney. There are ways that you need to proceed if you are going to whistle blow in order to protect yourself under the law.

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Thank you. Would you suggest that this be done prior to meeting with a compliance officer? I have not been terminated, but under Florida laws, would I required to present my concerns with written proof of the allegations prior to filing with the government in order to be protected with a retaliation claim? I do not want to sabotage myself by making the wrong move at the wrong time. Your advice is appreciated:)

Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft


Yes. Knowledge is power:)


You situation is likely a bit too complicated to address here. I too recommend that you speak with counsel. There are certain anti-retaliation rights available to you, but you want to make sure you are giving proper notice of the issues so that if you are retaliated against there is a good record of your behavior leading up to it.

Juliana Gonzalez

Juliana Gonzalez


I wholeheartedly agree with my colleague. You need to see an employment attorney now, so that they can help you report the violations in the appropriate manner.

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