What can I do with cyber bullying on Facebook?

Dear Lawyers, My friend posted on her Facebook wall that she had an extra ticket & trip to Coachella "Coachella? Anyone? Week one tickets. Pleeeease I have an extra ticket and would greatly appreciate it if someone would come with me." I (the first) responded on her wall post and e-mailed her that I would love to take it. However, she wrote to me "Hi, I'm sorry the tickets cost $400 and I would feel more comfortable with someone I personally know..." Her cousin and friend (who know me) also mocked me on the wall post. I am feeling they stepped all over me. She posted the ad for her FB friends but did not give what she promised. And I lose the trip, hotels and ticket to Coachella. What can I do? How should I respond to their actions to make them stop bullying me? Thank you so much

Los Angeles, CA -

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Michael Kevin Cernyar

Michael Kevin Cernyar

Internet Lawyer - Long Beach, CA

Throughout life we learn who are real friends are. There's not much you can do based upon these facts. Facebook allows you to block them out or defriend them. There doesn't appear to be enough ongoing contact for harassment. I wish you the best.

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Michael Charles Doland

Michael Charles Doland

Business Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Your first step is to check in detail the Facebook Terms of Use.
Your complaints are more personal than legal.

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