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What can I do with an out-of-state speeding ticket (Utah, Junction City, Piute County)?

Los Angeles, CA |

I was recently in Utah and was cited for a speeding ticket. It was one of those junction cities where it was a free way 70mph and then for 3 blocks it was 40mph. The road condition was dark and I couldn't make out the speed limit signs as I was just focused on the road. I was driving 70 at a 40mph speed limit. I am not a reckless driver. I was never pulled over for speeding and have a clean driving record. Is there anyway I can fight this (I plan to)/make this speeding ticket as harmless as possible?

Thanks for your help.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. You need a Utah attorney to deal with this. Use Avvo attorney search to find one.


  2. You can most likely hire a local attorney in Utah to represent you, without you needing to appear. Find an attorney in the municipality in which you received the ticket, and give them a call.

  3. Hire an attorney in Utah who specializes in traffic tickets and who regularly appears in the court where your case is venued. As to fighting this, I would say it will be tough, as you all but admit that you were not observant of the speed limit changing. Was the sign stating the 40 mile per hour limit obscured by trees? Was it knocked down? Was there even such a sign or paint on the road giving you notice to slow down?

  4. You would need to hire a local attorney for that city who is familiar with the courthouse. Search for it on Avvvo, Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

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