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What can I do when the firm I paid to file chapter 13 didn't do what they were suppose to do.

Downers Grove, IL |

I am in debt due to my car, tollway violations, and parking tickets (I was at risk of being booted). I Filed chapter 13 August 2012 in order to get out of debt. However, I was pulled over because my license plate had been suspended due to toll violations that occurred before I filed chapter 13 and my car was impounded. I was told that everything was covered under my bankruptcy. When I called my lawyer he couldn't find that information and he told me to pay the police department and the toll company so that I can get my car back. Now here it is about eight weeks later May 10, 2013 my car gets booted. Again I suppose to be covered under my bankruptcy, however when I called the city they had no record of me filing bankruptcy.

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  1. Your attorney should have told you that Bankruptcy does not protect you from Criminal Fines and Restitution. Tollway violations, parking tickets and other violations will not be "cured" through bankruptcy. Pay the tickets and violations and try not to get any further tickets or violations - those things are expensive! Good Luck.

  2. I hate to seem to be in the position of telling you that you are to blame, but you were supposed to read your bankruptcy petition BEFORE it was filed and tell your attorney about any corrections or additions. Your attorney will not know about a debt unless you tell him/her about it & provide a correct mailing address & estimate of the amount owed. While corrections can be made after the bankruptcy is filed, additional court fees must be paid by YOU. Everything can be covered in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if the paperwork is correct when it is filed. Sounds like everyone dropped the ball here! Hope this perspective helps!

  3. When you file a bankruptcy, you are required to sign your petition, schedules and related documents under penalties of perjury. You need to read them to see if these debts were listed, how they were categorized and how the plan treated them. You can propose to pay them in your chapter 13, but that does not mean that your license would be reinstated. If you were driving without having your license reinstated, that certainly would not be covered by your bankruptcy.

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