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What can I do when I receive an Order Prohibiting Additional Filings by respondent and Order of Dismissal with Prejudice

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I received by the court today saying that I was engaging abusive use of process and litigation by repeated frivolous petitions to modify my parenting plan and I failed to appear by court, thus I am sanctioned to pay 2500 ordered for CR 11 violations. I did not know i needed to appear to the court nor am i using any such process. I have been honest and seeking the best interest of my children. What can I do because I do not have 2500 nor am i abusing anything. I simply didn't have a case schedule to follow and know I was supposed to appear.

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That $2,500 might have paid for an attorney to assist you. Instead, you have to pay your ex's fees. When you represent yourself in court, you are supposed to know and follow the state rules, state statutes, rules of civil procedure and the local rules. "I didn't know" isn't an excuse a Judge is going to respect. If the Court thinks your filings are frivolous, that is all that matters, it doesn't matter if you think your pleadings weren't frivolous. You are not wearing the robe.

Please. If you cannot afford an attorney, contact the King County Bar ( and see if they can set you up with a volunteer attorney to review your case and see if they can offer you some real assistance. Hope this helps. I know it is not what you wanted to hear, but . . .

Elizabeth Powell

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it isn't what i wanted to hear because i didn't receive a case schedule to know about it. And because I am doing my best on what I can on my own its tough to know the judicial system is flawed for good upstanding citizens who don't have the money to do this with an attorney because the ex took everything and I have to pay her 2k a month in support/child care when I make 2400 a month and even the modification of support can't get changed. I've been working on this for 2 yrs, nothing has changed and I have reverted to living almost on the street. I live in Idaho btw so a volunteer attorney isn't going to help. Thanks for the assistance.

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