What can i do to stop harassing payday loan creditor calls at work and at home ?

Asked about 2 years ago - Great Falls, MT

I defaulted on an online payday loan in 2010 , i worked with a payday loan settlement company who was unable to reach a settlement with 2 companys . i have settled with 1 company but the other is calling me at work claiming to be affidavidt processors or working for a lawfirm . they call 2or 3 times a day at work even after being asked not to call me there !

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  1. Mitchell Paul Goldstein

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    Answered . I would argue that the loan is a consumer debt. In which case, send the debt collector a letter challenging the debt. Tell the debt collector that you cannot receive calls at work. Tell them to stop contacting you. Seek a local consumer law attorney because they be violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or state law (can law unfair and deceptive trade practice?).

    You may have Pay Day lending laws in your state as well.

    GO get them.

    Mr. Goldstein is a Virginia-licensed attorney only. The information is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice.... more
  2. Michael Stephen Agruss

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    Answered . Be careful when dealing with payday loans. Often times, scam companies are associated with payday loans. Therefore, make sure you are actually dealing with the payday loan company when trying to settle the debt. Ask the company to send you something in writing explaining how much money you owe. Payday loan companies saying that are "affidavit processors or working for a law firm" is likely not legitimate. If you continue to have problems with this company, file a complaint with the better Business Bureau, and with the Federal Trade Commission.


    Michael Agruss is licensed in Illinois and in California. Information on Avvo should not be construed as legal... more
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