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What can I do to get my unemployment approved?

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I was terminated 2 months ago and i applied for unemployment benefits and i was denied because my employer stated that I was fired becasue I stated false information in my application. I never indicated false information in my application. I then went to a hearing about my EDD claim and the judge favored the employer and denied my claim again because now the administrator is saying that i changed my hired date on the computer system which i didn't. All this happened just becasue i had asked if i was going to be getting holiday pay for thanksgiving the administrator told me no i said ok.
Now i have to do another appeal what can i do to prove that I did not change nothing in the system. I thought my 90 day eval was due but it was not. i was hired 8-22-12 and termindated 11-29-12

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There are procedures that would allow you to present additional evidence even after an unemployment hearing if you can show there was a good reason that you were unable to present the evidence at the first hearing. For example, if you can show you had no access to the evidence at the time of the first hearing, you should be able to get a new hearing to present the newly discovered or acquired evidence. You have very strict time deadlines so you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

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