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What can I do to get my money back?

Waldorf, MD |

I entirely lost all 114 shares of securities (stocks) in a reverse stock split in a NYSE registered foreign company about 10 years ago. I was neither given the opportunity to sell my remaining shares after the first split nor was I furnished any report of my losses by either my broker or the company. The company is now very profitable after it has been sold two times. What can I legally do after all these years about these losses since the company is now financially thriving?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. 10 years ago? FINRA has what is called an "eligibility" period for claims in arbitration (which yours likely is if you had this stuff in a brokerage account). The eligibility period is generally 6 years from the date of the wrongful conduct. This can, in very narrow instances, be tolled. But I find it hard to believe you didn't at least get a statement of account from your brokerage firm showing that the stock was subject to a reverse split. That would be enough to put you on notice, and likely preclude any legal action on your part.

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