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What can I Do to get justice for my child?

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My daughter was stalked and bullied as well as injured and harassed on a daily basis last year September 2012-October 2012 until I had her removed and decided to home school her for the schools inadequate response to a bully in her class who i was told was "emotionally disturbed". My daughter was hit, bitten, hair pulled, punched, pinched by this kid and the school merely collected a stack of incident reports that i was told is about 6 inches thick. I was harassed and threatened by the school. I was told that my daughters could not be released into my care the day i gave them notice that i would be withdrawing her from the school in favor of home schooling because the school had failed to protect my daughter while on school grounds. She and I no longer felt that she was safe.

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Well, now it's more than six months later and you have taken her out of school. What is it you want to do at this point?

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I don't think I understand your situation. You have any number of things you can do regarding the mistreatment of your child at school. First, you should deal with the different levels of school administration. If that doesn't help, you could speak with an attorney about legal action on behalf of your child against the school.

If you decided to home school, you must comply with the rules about home schooling. If you do so, there should be no problem. Your comment that the school indicated that the child would not be released to you is troubling. Schools know they cannot keep a child from the lawful custodian. This makes me wonder if you were the custodian at the time. If you were, I assume you are now home schooling your child or have her in a different school or classroom.

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