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What can I do to get a car without husband with me?

Big Stone Gap, VA |

Husband and I separated over a year and 4 mos..He's alcoholic wants no help.But may be
currently sober.Wants come home, but I won't let him because he isn't in recovery.I school our teen at home married over 20 yrs.He withhold funds when i wont let him manipulate me to let him come home.He'd taken our retirement and spent it /or hid it?I have things i can default on.He'd agreed to sign for me to trade in my vehicle for a more reliable one to support myself since he threatened divorce again.He backed out and I'm not sure what i can do. Theres no legal seperation in my state.Only file for divorce to get spousal support which i have tried to avoid. He makes enough money for us both, but doesn't manage money well and i feel he tries to control me when i dont take him back because of empty prom

Attorney Answers 1

  1. The answer depends on which state's laws would apply to your case. If Virginia had proper jurisdiction over the matter, then under VA law you could file for spousal support WITHOUT filing for divorce. This could be done by either filing a petition for spousal support (and petitions for child custody and child support) with your local Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court OR by filing a Suit for Separate Maintenance (to include spousal support, child custody and child support) in the Circuit Court.

    Outside of an equitable distribution award pursuant to a divorce case, the court won't address transfer of property/car trade-in issues. However, you may be able to qualify for financing on your own to purchase a car (without the trade-in) based on the court -ordered support you receive.

    I would suggest contacting your local legal aid and/or local bar association to obtain legal assistance with your case. You can also use the state bar association's lawyer referral program ( go to for more information).

    This response does not create an attorney-client relationship and is intended for general information purposes only.