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What can I do to avoid penalties for early withdrawal with an IRA Account in a DIVORCE CASE ?

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I am under age 59 1/2 ,and I am in a divorce process. Today, I received a court order in which the court divided my IRA's Accounts, and the IRAs of my soon to be ex-husband by 50/50. how can i get part of my spouse's IRA? What can I do to avoid penalties for early withdrawal?. My soon to be ex husband told me that I should wait until the divorce is over, is this true?, Or can i go to the bank with the court order to get my 50/50? (I have copy of the court order in my hands). how is the process to get my money? should i go with him to the bank or can i do it by myself, with the court order?

Note: all my IRAs accounts will be divide... so where should I transfer the money that I will get from his IRAs' accounts ?


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This is a question for a financial advisor, not an attorney.

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Speak with a CPA about opening an IRA and about a tax free rolling over of your husband's IRA into that account.

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You will need to use a QDRO (Qualified domestic relations order) to move these funds without penalty. You have to get the QDRO form to the administrator of the retirement account.

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Interspousal transfer from one IRA to another avoids such penalty.

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