What can i do my wife filed for dissolution of marriage i dont agree

Asked over 2 years ago - Delano, CA

we still do everything togthet and i still put my baby to sleep every night the only thing is that she lives in her parints house i dont sleeep ther thats the only thing that is not like a marriage but im trying to get our own home i dont think it needed to divorce

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    Answered . Sorry, but if one party says "irreconcilable differences" then there will be a divorce. It does not depend on "fault".

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    Answered . I am sorry you are going through this. It sounds like you have some rough economic times and really love your wife and child. Unfortunately once one person files, it cant be legally stopped unless both parties agree. However, as a practitioner whom have represented both men and woman in your situation, since there is custody involved, a narrative declaration can be filed in that regard where you can make it ABUNDANTLY clear that you do NOT want a divorce and will do anything within reason to reconcile the marriage. I would be happy to represent you in this and if not wish you luck.

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    Answered . Sometimes the best thing to do is cooperate amicably with the process but get counseling for yourself because divorce is a painful experience. Do not go at it without a good marriage counselor. Things will get better soon. Best of luck.

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    Answered . Anbody can get a divorce if the want to. In most states, a divorce is either contested or uncontested. If you challenge the action, you'll lose because nobody should be forced to be married to somebody who they do not want to be married to. As far as your baby, you have every right to be involved as a custodial parent. Husband and wife may end, but the roles of mom and dad are (usually) forever.

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