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What can i do in this situation?

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my ex and i are seperated and went through the court but then it went dismiss because the decree papers was missing, he put the house on craiglist looking a roomate and both of our names is on the house, does he have right to do that even though we are seperated but still we are married since it end up being dismissed

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If it has been less than 30 days since it was dismissed, hire a lawyer to get it reinstated and finalized. If it has been longer, you should still get an attorney to file the petition, get some ground rules in place, and get your divorce completed.

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Your best option is to contact an attorney. Contact attorney Langford as she is familiar with Texas law.

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So, even though the divorce was dismissed, and you are simply living separated at this point, it sounds as though you still have some interest in the house that you are trying to protect. I agree with Attorney Langford that if you want to get the divorce taken care of, get in with a good family law attorney as soon as possible. But, if your only concern right now is the house, you may not really be able to stop your spouse from renting out a portion of the house because he is a co-tenant and has an undivided 1/2 interest (presumably) in the home and has some say. But, you still have rights as to the house, since it is also your property. You would have an interest in the rent collected and you could even force a partition of the home or negotiate a buy out where he pays you for your interest in the home. My only point is you can accomplish both the divorce and settling issues with the house with a single family law attorney, but if you are fine with being separated at the moment and don't want to pursue the divorce again, you can still contact an attorney to get some resolution on your real estate matter. Best of Luck to you.

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thank you for your help, iam seeking an attorney

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