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What can I do if the offer to settle is humiliating and I don't have the money to sue?

Milwaukee, WI |
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After negotiating for a year, their last offer to me is humiliating to the point that I cannot accept it. They said it's their last offer and I can sue them if I want. I spent so much money until this point and now I don't have the money to continue. They had a Pro Bono lawyer so they really didn't care. Is there anything I can do? This was not done in good faith from the beginning. Thanks.

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  1. Your options appear to be:

    drop the issue

    re-engage the negotiations.

    If they have a lawyer and you don't you are NOT playing on a level field and your chances of success in the courtroom are far less then in a negotiated settlement.

    You didn't specify the issues so there is no way to advise you about your best way ahead other than to recommend you see a lawyer if the issues are critical to you or the sum substantial.

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  2. Either sue and do what it takes legally to win or move on and do nothing further.

  3. You options appear to be to accept the offer or sue. If they have an attorney and you don't, then you need to get one to help with this. The attorney will be able to better strengthen your position to the other party or explain to you how weak yours is. One thing to keep in mind is that why are they stopping negotiations? Do they not have any money? If so, you have to weigh the pros of getting paid at least something versus the cons of going to court and either winning or them not being able to pay anyway.

    Legal disclaimer: No attorney-client relationship is formed by this communication. Any recommendation/information given through Avvo should be considered only as opinion.

  4. Why should you recover? How much should you recover and why? If you want an attorney to try this case for you, you need to answer these questions.

  5. If it is a proper case for contingency fee, it may be affordable to sue. What type of case is it, and why do you believe you have a strong case?

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