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What can I do if opposing counsel is threatening me?

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Opposing counsel asks me to communicate with him, since he drove away both of my lawyers, then he gets upset with me and starts sending me threatening e mails. Can I report him to the florida bar? He emailed me "you don't know who you are dealing with, I will be forced to seek full custody of your child", amongst other things he has sent me in harsh harassing demeanor.

I know I need a lawyer but am in between lawyers at the moment. What can I or my lawyers do concerning this?

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More information is needed in order to appropriately answer your question. One email taken out of context is not sufficient. If you are not represented by counsel, then you should communicate with opposing counsel regarding certain matters in the case, such as scheduling hearings, depositions, etc. I understand you are between lawyers, but I strongly recommend that you retain a lawyer as soon as possible so that you are not bullied by opposing counsel. Best of luck!

Natalie Guerra-Valdes

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Some areas of legal practice are genteel, while others are not. You need your own ferocious lawyer to deal on an even par with your opposing counsel. The meek need not apply. Good luck!

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To me this is a standard legal language, and not a harsh one which requires any action or reporting to Bar. When you assume your own case, you are bound to know as much as attorneys typically knows. Taking your own case (in pro per) and then complaining of lack of legal knowledge is no excuse. Hire a knowledge (not exactly a pit bull type) attorne and let him handle it.Two of your attornes had departed, so you need to so some soul searching starting from yourself.

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