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What can I do if my son's mother is not complying with our court order visitation orders?

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We are supposed to meet every Friday evening and exchange our son; however she does not have a car or liecence so she has to rely on her mother to take her. So I end up only seeing my son about once a month.

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It sounds like you have to change arrangement if you want to see your son. Why not just pick him up at her house. She will not need a car.

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Since you are both supposed to follow the order exactly, you should probably seek to modify the current order (through an Order to Show Cause) so that you can arrange different transportation. Also, if you want to take legal action against the mother, you could speak with an attorney about bringing a contempt motion so that she has to answer to the judge about why she is not providing more regular and frequent visitations. However, this is pretty drastic and it seems that if you both agree to change the current arrangements, you could, instead, file a Stipulation with the court that changes the order and doesn't require you to appear before a judge at a hearing. An attorney can help you with all of this or you can go to to learn more about the process.

Best wishes!

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You can set an order to show cause to modify the court order. Perhaps you can pick your son up since she does not have a car or license. You should try to negotiate a better arrangement with her and get the court to order that new agreement. It sounds like seeing your son is important to you. Do what it takes so you can see him more often.

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