What can I do if my job does not want to pay money owed to me after being fired.

Asked over 2 years ago - Pompano Beach, FL

I was hired and worked for a company for one month. For my first check the company paid me the wrong amount it was short $400. The company was supposed to give me the money they shorted me in my next check, but before I received my next check the company fired me. It has been over two weeks since I have been fired and I still have not been paid. I tried to call the company but the manager pretends like he’s not in the office. I sent the manger an email asking when will I receive my final payment and the manger does not respond. The company owes me $1000 and I feel like they will not pay. Can someone tell me what can I do. I do not have proof that I was working at the company for one month so can this company lie and say I was not there for that amount of time and get away with not paying

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  1. Stuart M. Address


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    Answered . Consult an attorney. You have options to sue under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which most attorneys will handle on a contingency basis if they feel strong enough about your case, or you can file a small claims action against your employer.

    If you prevail under a FLSA action, which is a much longer process, you can get double damages and an attorney will get reasonable attorney fees awarded plus costs to be paid by the employer.

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  2. Erik Hammarlund

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    Answered . That's illegal. Just Google "Florida wage claim attorney" and chat with a few attorneys. They will generally sue the employer and force the employer to pay them, so you shouldn't have to pay up front.

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