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What can I do if my ex wife is not complying with a court child support and custody order?

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My ex wife and I were divorced in another state and I was awarded SOLE custody in an undisputed divorce. She moved out of state and stopped paying child support and also stopped all contact with our child. I moved with out of state with our child of course and have been trying to get my new home state(MI) to help me out but it has been almost two years. I dont care about the money, I can prove she is unfit and neglectful and all I want is to legally remove her from my childs life. She has already stopped all communication with my child two years ago but I know legally if something happens to me my child would go to her or if she decided one day to just show up. How can I legally remove her paternity much like a mother would remove a father from the birth cert.?

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If you were to remarry and your new wife wanted to do a step parent adoption, that would do it. But I don't see the court's incentive to replace her with no one, especially when she is not expressing any interest or desire to have any part of custody.

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That seems to be the general consensus. I am not trying to be vengeful, I just truly want to do what is right for my child. Mostly in the event that something ever happened to me. My sister has expressed that she would want to raise my daughter in this scenario, but from what I understand is that is a whole new ball game. Aside from anything else, that is my main concern. Getting my sister the legal right to have custody and guardianship of my child should something happen to me. Thanks for your response

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