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What can I do if my ex boyfriend is threatening to post naked pictures of me on the internet, unless I return a gift he gave me?

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The ex-boyfriend has demanded over text message that I return a nice watch that he gave me as a gift, and is threatening that if I don't give the gift back to him, he will post 3 nude pictures I sent him via text picture message. I am a 22 year old female. The ex-boyfriend has moved to New Zealand, and is sending these blackmailing, threatening text messages internationally.

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There's many things you can do here in the states, but maybe you should be speaking to an attorney and/or to law enforcement in New Zealand. Good luck.
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Your ex is a very stupid young man - making such a threat in a text message. Take it down to the local authorities and file a police report. Or, you could just give him back the watch, but even if you did that, you will never know for sure that he won't post the pictures anyway.
You might also want to contact the police where he is.


I certainly agree with my colleagues, but then again, perhaps consider looking into the best way to get the matter resolved without involving the police. When people start going down that road, it affects everyone. In some cases, you just can't avoid it, but it is potentially something that can follow you around for a long time. If the gift doesn't mean all that much to you, then return it, but be sure that he deletes the photo and has no other record of it. On another note, your ex is not the sharpest tool in the shed if he did put that in a text message. It is actionable.

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Kevin H. Pate

Kevin H. Pate


One concerns leaps out to me on going the self help route. There is no measurable way to know the photos are gone once the watch is returned. The person has already shown a propensity for backmail. If successful, it is as likely or more likely a new demand will arrive.

Mark Raafat Malek

Mark Raafat Malek


I certainly agree with Mr. Pate. This guy can tell you all day long that the photos have been deleted, but there really is no way of knowing. Alas - yet another problem with naked pictures taken so easily with a cell phone camera!

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