What can I do if my employer does not pay me my unsed vacation pay even if it's stated in the employee handbook?

I was recently laid off after 7 years and have a lot of unused vacation due. Our policy manual & employee handbook states that all unused vacation pay will be given if employee is laid off. My employer acknowkledges that I am owed this but says he can't afford to pay me. Do I have any recourse?? How can I collect this, it calculates to a little over $6,000.00.

Tampa, FL -

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Donna Marie Ballman

Donna Marie Ballman

Employment / Labor Attorney - Fort Lauderdale, FL

The money is owed. Since it's over the limit for filing in small claims court, I'd suggest contacting an attorney about filing a suit for the unpaid money. It is possible that, once the employer realizes an attorney is involved, they may want to work out a settlement. If not, you should be prepared to sue.

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