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What can i do if i received probation for a speeding ticket when i went to trial

Kansas City, MO |

I was given a speeding ticket for going over the speedlimit 12 miles when i returned home from work at 130 a.m. I pleated not guilty because I was hoping the judge would hear me out. i had pulled to a stop and there was a car of men that were constantly looking over to me and I was scared of a carjacking and could not remember the nearest police station. I thought I could get away. i explained that to the judge and he just told me I should have gone to a gas station for help and to get help for being paranoid.I The nearest gas station was in a very bad part of town. That would have been worse to go there. I was floored by his answer. so he gave me driving school and 6 months probation. I never had a speeding ticket and just one non mowing violation.

I am an elderly woman and never out at that time.I admit to the judge that I was scared and did not know what else to do.

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Your probation is probably unsupervised (meaning you don't have to report to a probation officer) so all you have to do is attend driving school (I think you can do it online on your computer) and, if you don't get another speeding ticket during the 6-month probation period, the original ticket will be dismissed and will not be reported on your driving record.

Since you have already pleaded not guilty and the judge has issued a sentence, I don't believe there is anything you can do at this point, practically speaking, other than attend traffic school and successfully complete probation. If you have the money and you want to fight it, I'm sure there are attorneys who would appeal the judge's decision, but in my opinion, it would be a waste of your time and money.



Yhank you for your advice. I should have just hired an attorney to get it reduced. I had faith in the system..thinking that the judge would understand my panic and give me a fine. Unfortunately shortly after this incident my employer send out a mass alert of employees being carjacked in the early hours in front of work. Who would think that someone would try to carjack employees of a childrens hospital. I was just upset that the judge said I should seek help for my fears after I told him that my sister was abducted and my tennage aunt was missing and murdered. I truly was scared that night. thank again for your opinion. I will just write it off as a judge gone bad.


I agree with Andrea. By the way, where do you work that you get off at such a late hour?

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Thank you for your response. I work 7p-7a at a childrens hospital. I left work sick that night. I am very disapointed in the Juges comments about being to paranoid. My Aunt was missing and murdered and my Sister was abducted from a military base. So yes I might be a bit paranoid. I should have just called my friend woh is an Attorney for him to fix the ticket. I had faith in the system and instead I got a Judge who had a bad day. Lesson learned.

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