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What can I do if a pharmacy gives me the wrong medication

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What can I do if a pharmacy gives me the wrong medication

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  1. If you discover the error and aren't injured, all you can really do is exchange the wrong medication for the correct medication.

  2. If you sustained injury, then the pharmacy had be held accountable for its prescription drug error.

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  3. Prescription error is a growing legal cause of action with the replacement of the local pharmacist who knew many or most of his/her customers, with big box dispensaries run by "pharm techs" who are supposed to be supervised by a pharmacist. Errors occur more often than you would think. While a duty to you was breached by giving you the wrong prescription and imprecise instructions, the measure of your case is the damage that was caused.

    One of the big box pharmacies has had a consent decree entered against it in one of my jurisdictions, but I have handled cases even after that public result.

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    Put those two facts together and it is in your best interest to retain experienced legal counsel at your earliest possible convenience.

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