What can I do if a hospital is trying to garnish my work wages?

Asked over 2 years ago - Mc Calla, AL

I was in the hospital for several months, thinking my insurance was covering the costs. It didn't, and now the hospital is garnishing my wages.

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    Answered . The only way a garnishment is allowed in Alabama is after a judgment has been entered against you.

    Have you been sued? Did you get served? Did you lose the lawsuit?

    Remember there is a difference in being threatened to be sued or to be garnished and actually being sued, losing, and then being garnished.

    Get with a consumer protection lawyer or a bankruptcy lawyer. There are a number of lawyers in Jefferson County that can help you.

    Best wishes

    John G. Watts
    Birmingham, Alabama

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    Answered . You should seek the advice of an experienced consumer attorney. Bankruptcy may or may not be the best option for you. Were you served with a lawsuit by the hospital? If not, a judgment may have wrongfully been taken against you. You may have defenses available. All of your options , including bankruptcy, should be considered. The above having been said, bankruptcy will almost certainly stop the garnishment immediately upon filing. You may even be entitled to a return of some of the garnished money. Best wishes!

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    Answered . Bankruptcy may be your best option. Talk to an attorney before you do anything. Most give free consultations.

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  4. Answered . It is possible you can claim exemptions if your wages aren't that low and stop the garnishment at the courthouse where the judgment was taken. Otherwise bankruptcy may be the next best alternative as the other attorneys have stated.

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    Answered . You do have to pay for the medical treatment you received. Your insurer will only cover things that you paid an insurance premium to cover. So you can pay the judgement or your wages will be garnished.

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    Answered . 1. Claim applicable exemptions.
    2. Consider bankruptcy.

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